IQS Rules And Regulations

1) Be wake up at Early morning prior to Sub-h and Engage with Thahajjud Namaz. It is Compulsory to wake up at least on Sub-h.

2) After Performing Sub-h Namaz along with its Sunnah (Rawathib) , Should be Seated for Qur’an Class.(Black Tea might give you Refresh)

3) Class has to be Commence with Surah Fathih & Dua.

4) Be Ready to Class with Ablution (Vuluu-h), Head Cap, Mushaf that should kept Closed & placed forward, Sitting towards Qibla. It is Advisable to wear White Clothes.

5) Class has to be held via WhatsApp Vedio Call. Student needs to keep Distance from Smart Device as teacher can see Head & Hands.

6) Hifz Class will be Held Between IST 6:00 AM to 10:00AM as Teacher provide for Call at Previously Decided time. Anyway it is allowed to Alter the time as per when it Comfortable to both of them.

7) No one would Attend or Expose to Vedio Call Except Student.

8) It is not Allowed to close the door and Sit inside room while Studying or Reciting Qur’an. Parents maybe Sit to nearest without Exposure while class is Ongoing.

9) No Earbuds or Headphones shall be Used while Reciting to Teacher. Vedio Call has to be at Speaker Mode🔊

10) No other Calls shall be attended while on Class.

11) Phone usage is Strictly prohibited During class period Except for Reciting Qur’an to Teacher or for Studying the Lesson.

12) The Study Portion will be sent to Personal WhatsApp via Audio message by Teacher.

13) Class Starts with Surah Fathih & Dua. Wind up with the Baith ” kalaamun Qadeemullaa”.

14) Be Recited the Baith “Alal hamdu lillahi” at the Beginning of Study after Maghrib. Then Quit the Study by saying 10 Swalath.

15) An average One and Half Hours(90mnts) should be Utilized for Qur’an Study purpose every day after Early morning and Maghrib. More time has to be Spent if Required(In Short Atleast 4Hours Shall be Allocated for Study need)

16) It is mandatory to have the class and Read the lesson Every day.

17) Apart from Daily Lesson, last two Lessons(الجزء السابق) have also been Recited. Apart from these, it shall be Recited from the Studied lessons (المراجعة اليومية) which teacher asks to recite(Atleast 5 pages)

18) It has to be recited from the Beginning of Surah/ of Juz which contain ongoing lessons upto New lesson to any Family member. In such Circumstances when Family members unable to hear, Student Should read himself/herself.

19) It has to be Join in a Vedio Conference Conducted by respective Teacher After Maghrib Namaz(IST) and Learn the Qur’an thoroughly for the duration of 1Hour by placing the Smart Device accurately.

20) It has to be recited a Complete JUZ to Teacher if it Finished. It has likely to happen at Every 2Juz & 5Juz also.

21) It is Compulsory to fill Edu Chart at Daily Basis and receive the Signature of Parents. It should be Disclosed to respective Teacher at Every Thursday by sending its Photo via WhatsApp.

22) The Lecturing of Fiqh and Thajweed along with Hifz has to be kept in Separate notes and Be read and Study it periodically.

23) No Leave is allowed from classes Except for the Essential Party or Events that occur in home.

24) The Parents need to seek the Leave to respective Teacher prior to the Events for Legally approving Leaves.

25) There are Six Working Days and One Holiday on Friday in a Week. Other Holidays will be informed you by Management when time arises.

26) Student Should be used to habituate Asma-aul Husna, Swalathu Thaaj and Swalathu Nnariyya in Daily.

27) Haddad Ratheeb has to be performed after Every Esha-a Namaz.

28) It has to be Regularise the Pre and Post Ravaathib of Five Farl Namaz.

29) Surah Kahf will be recited in Every Friday Morning.

30) The Online Exam will be conducted twice in a year. In the case of failure student can’t continue with Study until passing by appearing Supplementary Exams Along with Fine.

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